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Since 2005, our team has succeeded in understanding the needs of the industry and creating reliable products to serve them all.

2005 a young Engineer Mr. M.A.Chavan decided to go into an Engineering manufacturing activities and Rotary Air Lock Vales was the product that touched his eyes. Like all everyone else. The design thus proved successful. Today, we have many different models for varieties of application to handle powder  and granules in industrial sector. 

These valves run at a very slow speed through a gear box drive which generates a smooth non pulsating flow of the powder material, consequently giving the valve a very very long time for its functioning. Never the less, this slow speed brings in absolutely very little and even in some cases no maintenance, apart from a routine annual checkup which every maintenance engineer implements for his section of all the machineries in a well organized manufacturing plant. In addition to the  Rotary Air Lock Vales.We also design and manufacture certain critical products which need a detail study of requirement of our client before taking up the manufacturing activity. These products are related to Air Handling and Pneumatically Powder handling systems.

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